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"The Chicano Collection" Documentary Film

In this 53-minute documentary film, Cheech Marin reveals his passion for collecting Chicano art and shares his life's mission to elevate public consciousness of it throughout the nation and the world. Produced to accompany the exhibition "The Chicano Collection," the film describes the personal journeys and viewpoints of the 26 featured artists and their struggle for acceptance by American art museums. Overall, this collective of stories demonstrates how Chicano art evolved from a political movement begun in the late 1960s and emerged as a legitimate art school after breaking down the walls in the fine art world to get the work seen and respected.
Download 2 minute Trailer:
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Themes and Dreams in Chicano Art Teaching Guide for Grades 9-12

These four lesson plans help educators introduce concepts that influence Chicano art and cultural identity, the history of the U.S.-Mexico border, the labor movement, and home life. It can be used alone or in conjunction with the traveling exhibition.

Themes and Dreams in Chicano Art Supplement (Coming Soon)
This supplement includes the poems and stories referenced in the teaching guide.

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