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Raul Guerrero Raul Guerrero was born in 1945 in Brawley, California, a small town located near Mexicali, Mexico. He studied at the Chouinard Art School (now Cal Arts) in Los Angeles, California, where he obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1969. Guerrero has been influenced by the works of French Dada artist Marcel Duchamp. Through Duchamp's works, Guerrero felt a need to become more conscious of his art and approach the work deductively rather than expressionistically. His works include Molino Rojo and Club Coco Tijuana. Guerrero's work has been exhibited in various cities across the nation, including Santa Fe, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and New York City.

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Molino Rojo (Moulin Rouge).
print, 26" x 39, 2004.
Original: Arches paper, pastel and gouache,
15" x 22", 1989.