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Patssi Valdez Patssi Valdez began her artistic career in the 1970s as a Garfield High School student in East Los Angeles. She became the only female among the seminal, four-member Chicano art group ASCO (nausea in Spanish). ASCO expanded the definition of Chicano art beyond murals and posters by experimenting with a range of art forms, including street performance, photographic montage, pageantry, and conceptual art. She has also done set design work for films.

In January 2001, Patssi Valdez: A Precarious Comfort opened at The Mexican Museum in San Francisco. In March, Valdez was one of only three Los Angeles artists awarded a $25,000 Durfee Artist Fellowship based on past artistic achievement and future promise.

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Little Girl with Yellow Dress.
print, 32" x 32", 2005.
Original: Acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 1995.