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Marta Sánchez Marta Sánchez was born in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to her works on paper and metal, Sánchez has painted interior murals and floor paintings. She also founded Cascarone por la Vida (Shell for Life), an annual fundraiser benefiting children with AIDS and the homeless in Philadelphia. Sánchez received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Texas in Austin, both in painting.

Sánchez credits her experience growing up as a Chicana in Texas and with Mexican retablos (prayer paintings on metal depicting hope) as the source for her artistic perspective. Her works, including Train Series in memory of her father and her old neighborhood, have been featured in exhibitions around the United States and Mexico. She lives in Philadelphia.

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La Danza (The Dance).
print, 24" x 40", 2005.
Original: Oil enamel on metal, 35˝" x 59˝", 1994.