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Leo Limón Leo Limón was born and still resides in East Los Angeles. Called the "Alley River Cat Artist" by former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan, he is known for the cat faces he paints on the cement walls channeling the Los Angeles River. Limón's work on paper deals mostly with the indigenous ideals of "corazón" and uses many Aztec symbols.

Limón considers himself a cultural worker and an arts ambassador for East Los Angeles and the Chicano community. While he was in high school, Limón was influenced by and involved with Los Four, especially Carlos Almaraz. During his time with Self-Help Graphics, a community-based visual arts center, Limón helped to develop the annual celebration of Día de Los Muertos and the Atelier Printmaking Program. In addition, Limón helped to establish the Aztlan Cultural Arts Foundation, Inc., to pursue his commitment to youth in his community. He has also worked with the MeChicano Art Center and the Centro de Arte Público.

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Más Juegos (More Games).
print, 30¾" x 40", 2004.
Original: Acrylic on canvas, 48" x 69¾", 2000.