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Gaspar Enríquez El Paso-born Gaspar Enríquez received his art training in Los Angeles, at the University of Texas at El Paso where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree, and at the New Mexico State University, where he received a Master of Arts degree. Enríquez teaches art at Hispanic Bowie High School on the El Paso/Juárez border. His students often provide inspiration for his work. Enríquez has been included in numerous exhibitions, including the nationally touring CARA-Chicano Art: Resistance and Affirmation 1965-1985. He provides a significant voice for people of the communities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In describing one of his works, Enriquez said, "one is born a Mexican-American, but one chooses to be a Chicano." Politically charged, the Chicano lifestyle has been passed from one generation to another. It has survived wars, prisons, and strife.

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Tirando Rollo (I love You).
print, 39½" x 31½" 2005.
Original: Acrylic on paper, 81" x 58", 1999.