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David Botello David Botello, a native of East Los Angeles and Lincoln Heights, is best known as one of the East Los Streetscapers. Botello founded Goez Art Studio and Gallery, one of the first Chicano art galleries, in 1969 and, in 1973, was among the first to do a mural at Estrada Courts. Botello rediscovered his third-grade art partner, Wayne Healy, in 1975, and left the gallery to paint murals with Healy.

Shortly thereafter, artists such as George Yepes and Rudy Calderón began working with Botello and Healy and the group became the East Los Streetscapers. While other artists have come and gone, Botello and Healy remain as the core of the team. In addition to their many local murals, they have done projects in Houston, St. Louis, and Bellingham, Washington, as well as San Jose and Santa Maria, California. Botello lives in El Sereno, just north of East Los Angeles.

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Wedding Photos-Hollenbeck Park.
print, 40" x 30", 2004.
Original: Oil on canvas, 47½" x 35¼", 1990.