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Alex Rubio San Antonio artist Alex Rubio, nicknamed "El Diablito," began his career as a young muralist in a housing project. He has developed his talent by serving his community as an instructor for youth and creating murals on the walls of cathedrals. His artwork focuses on narrative drawings and paintings with mixed media, based on images deeply rooted in his Latin American culture.

Rubio extends his talents as an artist-in-residence at the Bexar County Detention Ministry in San Antonio teaching art to inmates with the Inmate Creative Arts Program (ICAP). He works with the inmates on murals, handkerchiefs, and other traditional forms of inmate art. He has also curated exhibits of their work and has included some with exhibits of his own work. Rubio has exhibited throughout the southwestern United States, as well as New York and Puerto Rico.

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La Lechuza (The Owl Woman).
Giclee print, 22" x 40", 2005.
Original: Oil on wood panel, 48" x 84", 2001.