When All That Really Matters Is Having Sex

A lot of men don’t like to admit it but when all you are looking…

A lot of men don’t like to admit it but when all you are looking for is sex, besides her looks or “sexuality” nothing else really matters.

As for the standards in regards to her looks that standard is reduced to the “Yes or No” standard;

“Yes, I will have sex with her” or “No, I won’t have sex with her”.

The reason why this is important for men to understand is even though all you are looking for is sex on adultfrinendfinder.com login; you are acting as if, and actually doing, a whole lot more that just sex requires.

What I mean by that is you doing the types of things that could easily be mistaken as wanting something more than sex with women you don’t want anything more with.

Which more times that not leads you to being very upset at her and yourself for doing a whole lot of things that you didn’t want to do and still not having sex with her.

All because you did a whole lot more that you had to do.

Women know when all you want is sex, but they don’t like to be lied to and at the same time don’t want to be asked straight out if they want to have sex.

If you meet her out, come up with a reason to invite her back to you house.

If you call her up, invite her to your house or invite yourself to her place.

In the end, when you find yourself just wanting to have sex with a woman doing anything more that that is doing too much.

Why Some Men Have Lots Of Sex And Others Don’t

A question that I find myself answering a lot is why some men seem to have sex a lot while others don’t.

For the most part it comes down to a man’s beliefs system when it comes to women.

Men who don’t have that much sex with women or at least not as much as they would like tend to believe.

“That all women should be treated with respect and not simply seen as sex objects!”

Whereas men who have sex a lot or at least when they want it if not more believe.

“That having sex with a woman is a natural part of life and has nothing to do with respect or at the very least respect is earned and not simply given.”

To put it in a better way:

One man believes that Porcelain pottery that can hold water in it is simply marvelous and should never be touched but only looked at.

Another man comes along sees a toilet and takes a dump in it.

As long as the first man continues to believe what he does he will wonder what it will take to be more like the second guy.

Meanwhile the second guy will continue taking his dump whenever he feels necessary in the appropriate place for doing just that.

Considering that most of your beliefs about women were formed before you had a chance to think about it.

If they aren’t getting you what you want perhaps now is the time to change them to fit you needs and wants instead of the opposite way around.

In the end, if you aren’t getting what you want from women now is the time to make those changes.

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