Why Hunting Is Ethical?

  • 23. 01. 2023

Hunting has long been a controversial topic, with many questioning its ethical validity. But is hunting really as unethical as it is perceived to be? In this blog post, we will take a look at the ethical implications of hunting and discuss why it is, in fact, an ethical practice. We will cover the ethical code of the hunting community, the positive effect that hunting can have on animal populations, and the importance of maintaining ecosystem balance and nature conservation. Check also hunting store https://slovarms.si/ for more information. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding …


Glock is the world’s most popular handgun

  • 16. 05. 2022

The GLOCK 17 Gen5 is the newest generation of the GLOCK 17, the world’s most popular handgun. The GLOCK 17 Gen5 features a number of new and improved features over previous generations, making it one of the most advanced handguns on the market today.…


Najboljše lovske kamere niso vedno nujno tudi najdražje

  • 10. 04. 2022

Lovska kamera je pripomoček, kateri lovcem velikokrat pomaga pri uspešnejšem lovu. Vsekakor pa je tudi pomembno vedeti, da lovske kamere, ki imajo najvišjo ceno, niso nujno tudi najboljše in je pomembno upoštevati predvsem določene dejavnike, pred samim nakupom. Predvsem to, v kakšne namene potrebujemo kamero in kaj želimo, da ta zagotavlja.…


Swarovski optics has been around for over a century

  • 31. 01. 2020

             Swarovski optics has been around for over a century, and it started with Swaroski’s father – Daniel Swarovski. He was the inventor of Swarovski Crystal, which is made in Austria. Swarovski optics focuses on optical products such as riflescopes/optical sights, binoculars & spotting scopes. They usually produce high quality products at a premium price. However Swarovski produces some lower end “budget” lines meant for hunters or shooters who need something functional but can’t afford one of their nicer models (a budget line would be equivalent to brands like Weaver).…


The Kahles German made scopes

  • 01. 01. 2020

The Kahles Helia C 1.1-4 X 36 is a low cost German made scope with an impressive list of features that is deserving of further investigation.

The MSRP on the Kahles Helia-C 1.1-4 x36mm is currently $1398 at Long Valley Shooting Supply and they are available in very limited supply in some stores like Brownells . This is about half the price of other brand name optic manufacturers entry level scopes, and they do not offer anything near the feature set offered by this one. The next closest competitor would be the Zeiss Conquest HD5 which MSRP’s at $1999 but …