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Oral sex oral sex tips: These are the first in an ongoing series of questions,…

Oral sex oral sex tips: These are the first in an ongoing series of questions, answers and advice on cunnilingus, fellatio and oral sex techniques.

Below you’ll find some of the answers we’ve written up to email questions we’ve received on female oral sex technique for better oral sex. We will keep adding to this list over time.

What about HIV and oral sex? I’m a guy. Can I catch it from female oral sex if I don’t use a condom?

Yes unfortunately you can. There is a possibility that you can become infected with HIV through performing oral sex on woman or receiving oral sex from a woman. Obviously your female partner must already be infected by the HIV virus for it to be transmitted you. Despite there having only been a relatively small number of reported cases of infection from cunnilingus or fellatio the risk is still a very real one and the full extent of the risk is not yet quantified or known. Evidence suggests it is less risky than unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse with the person you date on adultfriendrfinder.

If the woman fellating you has HIV then it is possible that blood from her mouth may enter your body. The cells lining her mouth may possibly transmit HIV to you. It is possible that blood could enter through the the lining of the urethra, the tube through which you ejaculate and urinate, via the orifice at the end of the penis. It is more likely to enter directly into the body though small cuts, open sores or even grazes. If she’s performing anilingus or rimming then blood or using best thrusting vibrator can also enter your body through the lining of the anus.

If you perform cunnilingus on an infected woman her vaginal fluid may also contain the virus.

The risk of HIV transmission increases if you or she performs oral sex with cuts or sores around your mouth or throat; if a lot of vaginal fluid enters your mouth or if you yourself already have another sexually transmitted disease (STD).

The actual risk of infection through oral sex is relatively low. You need to choose if you want to take that risk though. To give you a real world example, from my experience I would say a significant percentage (40%-60%) of UK high class escorts do not use protection when performing fellatio but do so for full intercourse. There has been no HIV outbreak.

Don’t forget though you can also catch other STDs (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) from oral! It’s not just about H.I.V.

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